Apocalypse Asset Pack

I'm excited to tell you that our new 3D asset Pack is out!
We have worked on this one very hard and we as a BigMediumSmall Team are very proud of it. We really wanted to provide artists with a universal theme-based kit that has everything you might need for your creations.
All of these assets were hand-crafted with love and passion to look great and have an excellent performance in 3D.

More information on:
This bundle includes 100+ items: 4 fully rigged characters (Provided with 50+ preset poses), 7 photo-scanned vehicles, buildings. All assets are optimised for game engines and all major 3D packages. Mid and Low Poly models are available.

Trees are from Megascans, and two awesome burned out cars from https://sketchfab.com/kryik1023. Other assets in the scene from BMS asset pack.